Banner Wheat Whiskey is a very limited grain-to-glass whiskey made with locally sourced Texas grain and rainwater just a few miles from our distillery. Our heavily wheated grain-bill is 95% winter wheat and 5% malted barley. We fresh mill all grains before mashing each batch and distill twice before aging in the finest charred American white oak barrels. The final make is cut with pure Texas rainwater before bottling. We know you’ll enjoy our first whiskey with Texas in the bottle and not just on it.


Wheat Whiskey

made “mill-to-still” with Texas rainwater
46% ABV/ 92 Proof

Lab Tested Gluten-Free

Average Bottles Per Batch

Gold Medals

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2018)

Silver Medals

  • New York International Spirits Competition (2015)

Bronze Medals

  • American Craft Spirits Association (2017)
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2015)



Is Banner Whiskey (95% wheat) gluten-free?

<20ppm (parts per million) or <0.002% is “Gluten-Free”

Our whiskey tested less than 0.001% (<10ppm) of gluten

Click to see our: Gluten Report

Batch #8: Jul ’16 (<160 bottles)

Batch #7: Jan ’16 (<150 bottles)

Batch #6: Dec ’15 (<330 bottles)

Batch #5: Nov ’15 (<140 bottles)

Batch #4: Sep ’15 (<130 bottles)

Batch #3: Jun ’15 (<150 bottles)

Batch #2: May ’15 (<150 bottles)

Batch #1: Feb ’15 (<140 bottles) 

Looking for the Original Texas Wheat Whiskey?