Donations & Sponsorship

Our hearts are bigger than our small distillery which is why we give back to our community. We often receive sponsorship and donation requests. We wish we could fulfill them all, but we need to ensure your request aligns with all that Banner is about. If you are a valid 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and would like to partner with Banner Distilling to assist with a product donation or event sponsorship, please read our guidelines and submit the form below.

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Banner Distilling Co.

Guidelines (read before submitting form):

  • Timing: Please give us six weeks notice prior to your event as it takes time to plan, prepare, allocate, and deliver product and resources. In some cases we’ll need more time.
  • Location: We’re limiting event sponsorship to areas in Texas where we have high distribution. For product donations, this isn’t always the situation.
  • General: It’s really helpful if you’ve heard of us, have tried our products, and know what you’re asking for.
  • Throw us a bone!: While not required, when you ask for free stuff it’s nice (because we notice) if you like us on Facebook or other social platforms. Besides, statistics show you’re 10% more likely to be approved!
  • Organizations: You must be able to show valid non-profit status as 501(c)(3) organization with tax ID for consideration. If you do not have this information, please explain.
  • Individuals/Teams: Sorry we are not able to sponsor athletic teams or Olympic hopefuls at this time.
  • Branding & Promotion: It’s important that your event can promote us and allows us to highlight what Banner is all about. The more unique your event, the better! Sorry, we cannot sponsor events at schools nor events that are highly marketed to minors under the legal drinking age.

Please fill out the form, and we’ll contact you within two weeks after review.

    What are you requesting? (Select all that apply)

    Product for Auction/Raffle

    Product for Event

    Other Sponsorship

    Event Organizer Contact Information:

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    Your Organization:

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    State and Zip-code of Your Organization

    Is the organization a non-profit and hold valid 501(c)(3) exemption?


    Can the organization provide an in-kind donation form to Banner Distilling Co.?


    Can you pick up the donation?


    About the Event:

    Name of the Event

    Event Website

    Date of Event

    Start Time of Event

    End Time of Event

    Are other sponsored beverages including alcohol (liquor/beer/wine) and non-alcohol going to be served? If so, who is the sponsor and what beverages are they providing?

    Are tickets being sold to attend the event?


    About the Venue for the Event:

    Name of the Venue

    Street Address of the Ventue

    City of the Venue

    State & Zip-code of the Venue

    Does the venue have a TABC license to serve liquor?


    Would you like BDC staff to participate? If yes, please give details in your message.


    Catering Company Information (if applicable):

    Name of Catering Company (required)

    Contact Name, Email, and Phone for Catering Company (required)

    Does the Catering Company have a TABC Liquor License?


    Additional Details:

    Event Details: please describe the event, history, beneficiaries, approx. number of attendees, how donation will be used, your promotion/marketing strategy, and any other information to help us consider your request.

    Are there any sponsorship benefits?

    Is there a VIP area for the event?


    Is there a complimentary bar for the event?


    Legal Agreements:
    I agree not to sell any product donated by Banner Distilling Co.

    I agree not serve alcohol products donated by Banner Distilling Co. to a minor.

    I give permission to BANNER DISTILLING CO. to process and retain the personal information on this form for the purpose of processing and responding to my request.